How to add Download button in Blogger

How to add Download Button in Blogger:

Hey Guys I will show you a simple trick so that you can add download button in blogger.Running a blog is a tough job in blogger. It is very tough job to optimize blog in  blogger as compared to other platform like Wordpress. But, it it not impossible to optimize blogger blogs.Here. in this article I will show you a simple trick How to add download Button in Blogger.It is very simple to customize your blogs in blogger but provided you need some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Don't worry if you don't know HTML and CSS I am here to provide you simple trick so that You can insert download button in blogger.

Wordpress has many plugin which makes it easy to customize blogs. Blogger has no plugin that makes customizing your blogs.Blogger has not been updated since it was built. It was built in PHP then also they didnot updated it to make it a better version.

This is a simple trick which i will show you it doesnot require coding. This simply done by uploading a GIF file .Therefore, it makes it a simple method to add a download button in blogger.

What is animated Download button in Blogger?

Sometimes you want to add a download button in blogger blog post, but putting a simple text doesn't look good. So, we are here to give you a simple Download buttons in Blogger.

Procedure to add download button in blogger?

Just follow me and you will learn this simple trick.

Step 1: Go to the Blog Post in which you want to add animated download button.

How to add Download Button in Blogger

Step 2: Click on the ADD IMAGE Present in the top tool bar.

Add a download button in Blogger

Step 3: Go to the URL Tab and paste the animated download Gif link given in the end of the post 

Animated Dwonload Button in Blogger

So, the list of download button are give below.Just you need to copy them and paste it in your blog.

List of Animated Download Buttons:





Step 4: Now Select the image that you have inserted by Clicking on it.

Add Download Button in Blogger

Step 5: After selecting the inserted image Click on the ADD DOWNLOAD LINK to attach it download link.

Download Link of Download Button

Cunclusion: I have hope you have learned how to add download button in blogger. This is just a simple trick. Now if you have any confusion regarding it dont hesitate to comment. Fell free to comment. I will surely reply to your comment.

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