Ranveer Singh DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle)

Ranveer Singh DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle)
Ranveer Singh had always stood up in media, may it be the Deepika Padukone's chemistry with him or his sexy body that he formed for his movie 'Ramleela' . Ranveer Singh got his training by Elite fitness trainer Lloyd Stevens for the movie Ramleela.
Ranveer Singh DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle) in Simbaa and Ramleela

Before the shooting of the movie Ramleela , Ranveer couldn't train for several months because of his past projects and injuries he he got which includes the back injury he got during the shooting of Lootera which put him out of the shape. But after then his trainer Lloyd took him to a new level of fitness which he had never reached before and gave him an amazing physique.
Ranveer Singh workout routine comprises of 8 weeks training in which for the first 4 weeks he followed two day on/one day off principle and Y3T principle which is suggested by Neil Yoda Hill for the first 4 weeks, which involves low volume reps on the first week, moderate volume in second week and high volume reps in third week.
Adding to it for the next 3 weeks his trainer made follow DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle) which is developed by Kris Gethin, international celebrity fitness trainer. DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle) brought the final touch ups to his physique and earlier it has been practiced by Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham. DTP(Dramatic Transformation Principle)  has a variety of routines, rest periods, rep ranges and other workout techniques.

Ranveer Singh DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle)

Workout Routines Followed By Ranveer:
These are the workout routines followed by Ranveer in General.
1. Machine Abs crunches – He used to perform 3-4 sets along with 20-25 reps for each sets and he used to take 20 sec rest in between.
2. Decline Abs crunches – He used to perform 4-5 sets until failure.
3. Standing cable one arm side bends - 3-4 sets with 20-25 reps for each set and sometimes until failure.
4 Side twist - Used to do 3-4 sets until failure and in general he goes to 20-25 sets.
5. Hanging leg raises – He used to do 4 sets until failure.
6. Lying down leg raises – He used to do 4 sets until failure

During rest periods or days that he has to undergo following DTP and ONE DAY OFF principle, his trainer made him undergo low intensity cardio exercises (LISS) which includes fast walking, jogging and swimming and sometimes skipping comprise of not more than 30 minutes. Ranveer took just 8 weeks to get into the required built for that movie which was supposed to be attained in 16 weeks, which proves the dedication and hard work put in by him.
His workout regime started with 10 minutes workout followed by 20 minutes of High Intensive training (HIIT) which includes vigorous exercises such as dips, pushups, thrusters, pull-ups and many more and during free days he was made to swim and run as well with some cardio, adding to it is the water, salt and sugar diet balance that has to maintained so that one can build the required physique in such a small time.
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