How to add Guest Post Service on Blogger

Learn to add Guest Post Service on Your Blogger:

Hello guys today i will show you a simple trick to add guest post service on your blogger template. Just follow these simple trick and you will learn how to add guest post. I guarantee you 100% that after reading this article will learn to add guest post automatically. 

Here i added a static web page form on my blogger site, so any user or any guest may post and it is reached to me by e-mail..

Without talking much lets me show you how to add Guest Post. Just follow my steps guys.

Step 1: This is a simple guest post form which we will integrate in our blogger site.

simple guest post form

Step 2: Now we need to add CSS file on you blogger site which i m providing below. Add these CSS file by going on Template of your Blogger Site and Click on the Edit HTML option. Now click 
anywhere on the screen of your blogger and press Ctrl+ F and here it will open search box and in the search box find for ]]></b:skin> and press Enter. And just above this ]]></b:skin> paste the code which I m providing you below.

Adding Guest Post Form to Blogger:To add Guest post form to blogger go to Blogger Dashboard and add a new page name your new page as "Guest Post". Now Choose Html Editor and Copy and paste the code which i m providing below.

Blogger Html view                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Code of the Guest post:

Customization of your Guest Post:
Now you can customize your guest post accordingly. You can change your my email id to your one.

Download The MS Word File. ( It Contains the Code of the Guest Post )
                                    Click Here To Download

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