Genuine and Alternative Ways To Make Money Online Without Adsense

Make Money Online Without Adsense: Hola friends this is Zeeshan Ahmed from MM(Muse Mumble) welcome you to a new and fresh article. In this article we will be talking about Google Adsese alternative ie How to make online in blogging without Adsense. Today world is full of competation where every one wants to approve their Adsense acoount but I am show you an alternative to adsense. So read this Article and you will be benefited.
Without speaking much Lets move to the topic directly.

Top Ways To Make Money Online Without Adsense or Alternative To Adsense Are:

1. Affiliate Marketing       
2. Adsense Alternative (Like
3. Sell Advertising Space
4. Writing Reviews
5. Donations

#01 Affiliate Marketing  

Yes, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money online. Now, a days it is very popular. Everyone uses affiliate links in their site. It is one of the best ways to earn money online without Adsense ie. Alternative to Adsense. It is very important that content in your site should be English in order to use Affiliate links to generate revenue. But, you can do affiliate marketing in other languages but it is not much beneficial because traffic outside India matters a lots. So, it will be good if your site is in English.
Affiliate marketing pics

#02 Adsense Alternatives Like (

There are many Adsense alternatives to make money online. You can get approval from any third party website like, Adversal, Amazon Display Ads, Viglink, Propeller Ads etc.
Among all these is the best Alternative To Google Adsense. You can add Popup Ads also but Popup Ads is not a good option, viewers doesn't finds it comfortable. I suggest you to go for instead of Popup Ads. Pics

#03 Sell Advertising Space

If you r getting approval from Google Adsense then you should not go for Sell Advertising Space.But it is also not a bad option. For Sell Advertising Space you should have very high traffic on your site. Without High traffic on your site you cannot go for sell Advertising Space.

I am giving you a demo example of Sell Advertising Space:

Here is our requirement of Advertising With US. We will be happy to work with you. Please mail us at

Our Website Statistics:
  • Unique Visitors: 80k/Month
  • DA/PA: 25/35
  • Alexa Rank: Global- 12,2547/India- 15,12
  • Unique Page views: 19,2511 /Month
  • Traffic Sources: 85% Organic, 5% Direct, 5% Social, 5% Others.
  • Traffic Location: 30% USA, 60%India, 10% UAE% UK, 6% Other.                                     

#04 Write Reviews

Third Option is that you can write reviews for company like Mobile Company, Gadget Company etc. But here in this case you should be professional. This big MNC Companies recruits high professional peoples for their. If your site is a professional one and you are a good Content then definitely you need to contact such MNC companies and you can generate a good revenue.

#05 Donations

If you very hard working and you are not fulfilling the above criteria then you should try Donation. People who visits your site will donate if they finds your article helpful. You can put a donation box on your site and integrate it with your PayPal account and you will generate some revenue.

So, These are the five Genuine and Alternative Ways To Make Money Online Without Adsense. If you find this article helpful then do share it your friends.

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