How to learn Bengali? / Learn Bengali

How to Learn Bengali? / Learn Bengali Sitting In your Home

Hello Guys! Today i will tell you some simple tips so that you can Learn Bengali in your home. Bengali is also a language of Bengalis, it is also known as Bangla. It is the official language of Bangladesh and the second most widely spoken language of India, behind Hindi.

Without speaking much lets move to the topic directly so that you can Learn Bengali Online.
Just follow these steps and you will Learn Bengali within a short span of time.

Step 1: Visit The site named Omniglot 

Visit this site Omniglot and first learn  the basic Bengali word of Bengali. This site provides all the basic word and their pronunciation both given in a pictorial and audioable ways. After Learning this basic words you will be able to catch up some basic grip of bengali.

Learn Bengali

Step 2: Also Visit this Site named Learn Bengali

By visiting this site you will be able to learn the basic ABCD communication of Bengali Language. Here This Site proves the basic sentences of Bengali Language.This site also provides audio files which you can hear.

How to learn Bengali?/ Common word in Bengali

Step 3: Go through some of the Youtube Video Lecture

As now you have got some of the basic idea of benglai language now will be able to get some of the basic idea of Bengali Language what people around you are talking about. Now go and browse some of the Youtube Channel which provides Tutorial for Learning Bengali.

Just put this keyword in youtube search "Learn Bengali Online" or just "Learn Bengali" and you will get thousand of Youtube Video which are providing Tutorial to learn Bengali.

Step 4: Go through Regular Newspaper Daily

After following all these steps you will have a basic grip of Bengali and you will be in a position to read and write Bengali in a proper manner. To maintain this and to be expert in Bengali you should have a regular habit of reading bengali and to read bengali you can go through some of the Bengali Newspaper either offline or online.

If follow all these steps you will be able to Learn Bengali  without any difficulties. So, this is for today guys. How to Learn Bengali? 

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